Play Silkies - Rainbow (1)
Play Silkies
Play Silkies
Play Silkies
Play Silkies - Rainbow (1)
Play Silkies - Rainbow (1)
Play Silkies - Rainbow (1)

Play Silkies Rainbow Silk

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Is it a dressing up costume? A blanket for a favourite doll? A peek-a-boo game for baby? Play Silkies can be all of these things and more! This beautiful, highly versatile toy comes in a range of colours: sunny yellow for Summer, warm orange and purple tones for Autumn, lush green for Spring, and bright, cool blue for Winter –there’s even a stunning, vibrant Rainbow Silkie, for when you can’t pick just one colour! Little ones will love the dazzling colours and the soft texture of the fabric, and the possibilities for open-ended sensory and imaginative play are endless. Made from the highest quality Habotai silk, Play Silkies are durable, long-lasting toys that can aid your children’s development through play and help create beautiful memories!

  • Made from high quality, 8mm A-grade Habotai Silk
  • Size: approximately 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Colours: rainbow colours
  • Recommended Age: 0+
  • Made in China
  • Designed in Australia


About Play Silkies

Play Silkies are a family-run business based in The Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, whose motto is ‘less toys and more play’! When gifted a traditional silk from a sister school in China, teachers Kate and John found the non-traditional toy became a part of their family’s daily play, as their daughter loved the lightness and colours of the soft fabric. Eager to share the joy the simple toy brought their family, the Play Silkies business was created to provide beautiful, high quality toys that last for years and promote open-ended, imaginative play and family interaction.


Contact: Play Silkies, PO Box 4174, Knox City Centre Vic 3152, Australia. Email:
Importeur: Laura Montesdeoca González, 677 690 745 Polígono de Quintos, fase 4, n2. 14005 La Golondrina (Córdoba) España. Email:

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