Rewinder Furoshiki Sustainable Gift Wrap (4 Pack)

KrokoKinder Gift Card

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Looking for a first birthday present or baby shower gift that’s not just cute, but also something that is genuinely useful for the parents and child? Look no further, since our KrokoKinder digital gift card is the perfect solution!


If you’d like to send the digital gift card directly to the recipient by email, simply enter their email address in the form above and it will be sent immediately, along with your message.

Alternatively, you can enter your own email address and the digital gift card will be sent to you. Then you can print it out or give it to the recipient however you prefer!

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

The digital gift card will be sent by email to the recipient specified, and this email will contain a code which can be redeemed in our shop The gift card credit can also be redeemed in partial amounts, meaning that the balance can be used for multiple orders. The gift card can only be used for the purchase of goods, and not for the purchase of additional gift cards.

Any credit on the gift card can be redeemed until the end of the third year after the year in which the gift card was purchased.

The gift cards must be applied before completing the order process. Gift cards cannot be applied to orders which have already been completed. Only one gift card can be redeemed per order.

Gift card credit cannot be exchanged for cash, nor is interest paid.

The gift card is transferable. The seller can transfer it to a third party (the respective owner) with discharging effect. This does not apply if the seller has knowledge or grossly negligent ignorance of the non-authorisation, the legal incapacity or the lack of right of representation of the respective owner.

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