About Us

Karo & Katie - KrokoKinder team

Aren’t kids just the cutest, funniest, weirdest little creatures on this planet? We think so!

From babies who are scared of their own farts and absolutely amazed to discover that they can actually control those chubby little things we grown-ups like to call ‘hands’…

…to toddlers who’d rather redecorate your kitchen with the dinner you so lovingly prepared than put any of it in their mouths (well, maybe your kitchen really does need a splash of spinach green on the ceiling)…

…to kids who are full of crazy amounts of energy and are never, ever, ever, ever tired, especially when it’s bedtime. Nope, never tired. Not even when they’re yawning every two minutes. Nuh-uh, no way.

Why unisex?

KrokoKinder is all about the insanely joyful rush of childhood. Childhood is a time for adventure and imagination and play, and the clothes we dress our kids in should reflect that.

You might have noticed that we don’t have a boys’ section or a girls’ section. Well, there’s a good reason for that. You see, we love all the colours and all the shades, and we don’t believe that blue (or tractors and dinosaurs too) should be withheld for boys only. And we don’t believe that pink (or dancing and dolls) should be reserved for girls either.

And, most importantly, we absolutely do NOT believe that unisex = boring!

We’ve made it our mission to seek out the very best gender neutral clothes, shoes, toys and accessories for babies & kids, and to collect them all together in one place.

Everything we sell is for both girls and boys. Which is pretty perfect really, because it means that once your little one is not-so-little and won’t fit into that adorable babygrow anymore, you can hand it down to any new additions to the family or your best friends’ babies… whether they’re girls or boys!

Why eco-friendly?

We feel that we have a responsibility towards our children. We choose all of our products with care, so that they can play with non-toxic toys made from natural materials; wear clothing that’s kind to young skin; and have access to long-lasting, high-quality reusable products that help to cut down on unnecessary waste. We want our children – and their children’s children – to be able to enjoy the wonders of our incredible planet too!

A little bit about us…

Katie founded KrokoKinder at the beginning of 2017 because of her difficulty finding fun, colourful unisex clothes, toys and accessories for her friends’ babies and kids! She’s passionate about supporting small, independent brands with big values.

Karo joined KrokoKinder in 2018. She’s mum to an amazing two-year-old son, who loves to explore the world. Karo used cloth nappies from birth for him and is a qualified cloth nappy consultant. She’s always happy to help if you have any questions or if you’re not sure where to start with cloth nappies!

Time to explore!

Why not have a look around? Explore the selection of incredible brands we are lucky enough to stock. Brands with big fat hearts at the very centre of their design process. And if you find something you love and decide to order it, then know this…

Whenever we get an order through, wherever we are, the first thing we do, obviously, is a little dance. The embarrassing kind your dad does at weddings. Anyway… once we’ve got that out of our system, we get packing.

We wrap each and every order as if we were sending a gift to our best friend – hand wrapped, handwritten and homespun… and sometimes, if you’re lucky, with an added treat thrown in just for fun. There are no extra charges for gift-wrapping – just an exciting package in the post that you just can’t wait to unwrap!

So welcome to KrokoKinder; thank you so much for visiting! Make yourself at home, and if you need anything – anything at all – just let us know!

Karo & Katie

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