Lighthouse Kids Company Packing Pod - Moon Mars (1)
Lighthouse Kids Company Packing Pod
Lighthouse Kids Company Packing Pod Mushroom
Lighthouse Kids Pod - Mushroom (2)
Lighthouse Kids Company Packing Pod Forest Fox
Lighthouse Kids Pod - Forest Fox
LH Pod
Lighthouse Kids Company Packing Pod - Moon Kelp
Lighthouse Kids Company - Moon Mars
Lighthouse Kids Company - Moon Mars (2)
LH Pod
LH Pod
LH Pod

LH Pod

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In den beliebten und vielseitig einsetzbaren Pods Taschen von Lighthouse Kids lässt sich allerhand verstauen: Windeln, Spielzeug, Stifte, Wechselkleidung, ... Auch nach der Wickelzeit sind sie ein treuer Begleiter! Perfekt auch für Tagesausflüge oder die Krippe.

  • Size: 23 x 16,5 x 15,2 cm (fits approx. 6-10 nappies)
  • Zip fastening
  • Snap-on strap for hanging on strollers, towel racks, and hooks. Completely removable handles.
  • The bag's TPU coating makes it waterproof
  • Responsibly made in China
  • Material: 100% polyester (with TPU coating)
  • Care instructions: Turn the bag inside-out to wash. Line dry only. Wash up to 60°C

Wet bags or nappy storage bags aren't just a great investment for families who use cloth nappies on their little one(s), they can be used in so many different ways by everyone... For example:

  • to store damp swimming things and towels after a swim
  • to keep your things dry at the pool or beach (one wet bag to keep your phone and purse dry, and another to store wet things)
  • to keep your shower things in when you're travelling (if your shampoo leaks, the wet bag will keep everything else in your suitcase safe and dry)
  • for dirty clothes at nursery or on holiday
  • as a handy place to keep your reusable wipes, so you can wash your little one's hands and face on the go, and... well, we could go on and on...

For those who use cloth nappies on their little ones, wet bags are great because air can circulate in a closed wet bag. Which means that the smell can't build up as much inside. And as for any smells that can't be avoided... well, those are kept firmly within the wet bag itself, so you don't have to worry about any unpleasant stinks when you're on the go!

Über Lighthouse Kids Co.

Lighthouse Kids Co. ein ethisches, nachhaltiges, von Frauen und Latinx geführtes globales Unternehmen aus Florida, ist bekannt für seine herausragenden, einfach anzuwenden und preisgekrönten Stoffwindeln. Die Top Qualität, Saugkraft und wunderschönen Designs haben auch uns überzeugt! Die Stoffwindelhülle wird vor allem aus recyceltem Plastik gefertigt und ist dank des umweltfreundlicheren TPU trotzdem atmungsaktiv. Bei uns findet ihr auch die Windeln in größeren Größen für Kinder mit einem Körpergewicht bis 25 kg.

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