07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops
07330 Grimms Tower Drops

GRIMM’S Tower Drops

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This fantastic set from GRIMM’S Small world play series contains special shapes which let little ones build all kinds of exciting new creations! A great gift for children aged 2 and over. This toy is hand painted and made in Europe.

These fantastic building blocks open new possibilities in building and creating, in combination with traditional elements, again and again new and exciting worlds of experience – using a completely new design language.

All Fantasy Building Blocks are ideal for toddlers as building blocks, creative puzzle, on a nature table as decoration or for creating a scene for a specific topic.

  • 3 pieces.
  • Material: wood (handpainted lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.)
  • Packaging: Thin plastic wrap around the product to protect during transport.
  • Size: height 18 cm
  • +
  • Age Grade (toy safety): 1
  • Made in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Consistent. Made with love. Free, open-ended play. Colorful, handcrafted products made of wood with individual traces. GRIMM’S is all this and more.

Each beautiful and artistically designed GRIMM’S toy is made using primarily natural materials, and promotes a sense of beauty, imagination, creativity and the development of many skills. In addition, the company, which has its headquarters at the foot of the Swabian Alb, is committed to making high-quality and safe toys that can always be passed on to future generations. The wood used comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The great color glazes are water-based and non-toxic as well as saliva-proof, and vegetable oil is used for the products.

When it comes to product development, GRIMMS toys incorporate educational approaches from Waldorf and Montessori. For a limitless, magical world of free play!

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