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Grapat Nins®, Mates & Coins

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6 Nins®, 6 Fässer und 6 Münzen in den Farben des Regenbogens enthält dieses Set. Definitiv ein Lieblingsspielzeug, welches Kinder sofort in ihr Herz schließen, denn sie werden zu einem Spielzeug, das für das symbolische Spiel verwendet werden kann, um Geschichten und kleine Welten zu erschaffen. Sie können aber auch Teil mathematischer, sprachlicher und sensorischer Spiele sein.

  • The set contains 6 Nins®, 6 Mates and 6 coins in the colors of the rainbow
  • Size: The Nins® have a height of 6.5 cm, and the coins have a diameter of 4.8 cm. The Mates have a height of 4.5 cm
  • Age recommendation: Suitable from 12 months
  • Produced in accordance with the EN 71 safety standard. All materials meet the EN71-1-2-3 toy safety regulations
  • Made in Spain
  • Please note: Due to distribution rules, we are not permitted to ship Grapat products outside Europe

About Grapat

Grapat is an amazing Spanish family business which makes incredible wooden toys.

The wood used (mainly birch and beech) comes from sustainably managed forests. The wood is robust, soft and hard at the same time, sounds good and smells wonderful!

Grapat uses water-based paints which are non-toxic, which means that it's not a problem if your little one is going through that phase where everything and anything ends up in their mouth! The paints meet the EN / 71-3: 2014 + A1: 2014 / 2013 European toy safety regulations, and won't flake if the toys are dropped or knocked. The grain of the wood shows through the paint, making every Grapat toy as unique as the wood used. The colours may fade slightly if they come into contact with too much dribble, but this is completely harmless to your little one's health. The natural world is full of gorgeous colours which connect us to the days and seasons as well as our emotions and feelings.

Grapat's workshop is located in the idyllic Spanish countryside. Due to their close proximity to nature, some colours and tones can vary slightly - for example, the wind or the humidity in the air can affect the colours. The surfaces are treated with plant-based waxes and oils. The oils may have a strong smell at first, but this fades over time.

Each and every Grapat toy is unique and painted by hand. Grapat loves and values nature, and cherishes the "flaws" and character that makes wood such an incredible and unique material to work with.

Some of Grapat's products come packaged in cloth bags which are made from leftover cloth from big companies, which means that the material used varies.

Grapat works together with people who are socially marginalised, as well as charities which support people with mental health problems.

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