DJ07854 Djeco Doll Doctor’s Case

Djeco Doll Doctor’s Case

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This case has everything little doctors need to look after their dolls and cuddly toys! The set is full of useful accessories, including a stethoscope, doctor’s notebook and a clever thermometer that changes colour, from red when a poorly doll has a temperature, to green when the patient is better! The lightweight case has a handle for easy transportation -perfect for play on the go.

  • Doctor’s case with toy thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, medicine bottle, bandage and health book
  • Age Recommendation: 2 years+
  • Packaging dimensions: 22 x 22 x 4 cm


About Djeco

French toy company Djeco was founded in 1954 by Véronique Michel-Dalès. With a name that references the gecko (or ‘lucky lizard’), the brand proudly manufacturers hugely successful toys and games that are attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time. Over the years, their product range has expanded from educational board games and puzzles, to creative arts and craft kits and friendly figurines known as ‘Arty Toys’, as well as beautiful dollhouses and sets that encourage children to learn through imitative play.

Today, Djeco’s toys are translated into many languages and enjoyed by

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