Billes and Co Marbles Big Box - Matriochka Katerina

Billes & Co Matriochka Katerina Box

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The Matriochka Katerina box is filled with brilliant marbles in shades of roses, in a beautifully illustrated box! The box contains 61 glass marbles in a variety of colours and sizes, packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. A great nostalgic gift and a fun way for little ones to develop dexterity, colour recognition and fine motor skills while they play.

  • Box contains 61 Matriochka Yelena marbles including 6 varieties of small marbles, 4 varieties of bigger marbles and 2 varieties of pebbles:
    • 7 marbles of 14 mm
    • 30 marbles of 16 mm,
    • 4 of 22/25 mm caps,
    • 20 pebbles.
  • Colour: Shades of roses (yellow, rose, green)
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Size Box: 10 x 18 x 3.5 cm
  • Packaging: Cardboard box with paper compartments and thin plastic wrap around the box to protect the product during transport.
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Hand sorted and arranged in France


About Billes & Co

French toy brand Billes & Co wanted to research the origins and history of marbles, and to get to the heart of what makes them such an enduring traditional toy. Discovering that marbles of the past were packaged in carefully arranged boxes, they set out to create their own take on these boxes, organizing the marbles into their own “universes” –from animals, and landscapes, to stories and ideas. This makes the sets perfect gifts for loved ones with a favourite colour, animal or part of the world!

Billes & Co Marbles are sourced from all over the world (including Mexico, Holland, Germany, China and the Czech Republic), then brought back to their studio and sorted by colour, size and texture. Next, beautifully illustrated boxes are created to store them.

All packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper, with marbles which have been carefully arranged and packed by hand.A beautiful nostalgic gift for all ages, and a great way to introduce little ones to the magic of marbles!


Contact: SAS Billes & Co, 27 rue de merlan – 93130 Noisy-le-Sec – France. Email :

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