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Baba + Boo Pockets Bundle of 5 One Size
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Baba and Boo Cosy Collection
Baba and Boo Cosy Collection (2)
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Baba+Boo Pockets Bundle of 5 (One Size)

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The perfect way to get started with cloth nappies! This kit includes 5 one size cloth nappies - which fit most babies from the age of 6-8 weeks and can be used all the way through to potty training.

This kit contains 5 one size cloth nappies

Please note: leave us a note when you're ordering to let us know which prints you'd like for the nappies. If you forget, we'll send you an email before preparing your order to confirm which designs you want.

If you already have some cloth nappies at home, want to use cloth nappies part time or just want to get started with 5 nappies and see how you go, this starter kit with 10 one size nappies is perfect for you! If you're looking to use cloth nappies full time and don't have any yet, you might want to check out our 20 nappy starter kit!


  • One size nappies: Outer: 100% polyester (with polyurethane coating); Inner: 100% polyester; Inserts: 70% viscose (from bamboo cellulose), 30% polyester

For nine years, Baba+Boo has been producing its products in a small, independently tested factory in China. Baba+Boo places great importance on compliance with social criteria such as preventing excessive working hours, prohibiting child labour and providing safe working conditions. The seamstresses are mothers from the region who are allowed to organise their work around their families. Baba+Boo's products are independently tested too.

About Baba+Boo

Baba+Boo was started by Eva, mum to two little ones. She was searching for a sustainable alternative to disposable nappies and ended up creating her own line of cloth nappies, designed to perfectly meet her family's needs.

All of Baba+Boo's products are ethically manufactured: absolutely no child labour, and all workers are paid fairly and do not work excessive hours. All factories need to comply with strict rules. All products continually undergo stringent testing and don't contain any harmful chemicals.

Baba+Boo supports a variety of charities and is always looking for ways to give back to society. 10% of Baba+Boo’s profits from sales of their Surf’s Up print go to Surfers Against Sewage, a charity actively working to reduce plastic pollution

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